PE 5200

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    Compact pump The peristaltic pump is controlled by a detection unit float 3 levels (on / off / safety). The safety switch is normally closed and will automatically shut down the air conditioning compressor or solenoid valve when the safety level is reached. Application For use with any air-conditioning units up to 8 kw:• Wall mounted• Computer room air conditioning• Ceiling suspended• Ducted Kit content• Peristaltic pump PE5200• Cable: 1,7 m, including 2 wires for power supply (P & N)• 2 safety switch wires (1,7 m)• Easy ‘‘1 screw’’ sliding plastic bracket• Detection unit (SI2958, 1.5 m cable)• Detection unit installation kit:- Pale yellow rubber (Ø 15 x 35 mm)- Vent tube Ø int. 4 x L 75 mm- Mounting rail- Adhesive

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