DELTA PACK 80x60 - Signal White

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    Ensures quick and easy installation and maintenance Delta Pack 80x60 includes a new elbow design that can be easily opened by hand by a simple finger push -- no tool is needed. Its streamlined design complements wall mounted air conditioning units. It includes the Si-10UNIVERS’L pump which incorporates the latest in piston pump technology. Applications Air-conditioning wall mounted units(connection pipes Ø max 3/8’’ – 5/8’’ insulated)Kit Content• Si-10 UNIVERS’L piston pump with:- Integrated condensate detector- Clear PVC tube int. Ø 6mm – L: 1 m, foam-insulated over 800 mm, fitted with a “Drain Safe Device” pre-mounted- 1.5 m lockable plug-in power cable: 2power wires, 2 safety contact wires• 2-part elbow (base and cover)• Ceiling duct (covers hole in false ceiling)• Rubber Elbow/Split gasket• 650 mm flexible hose- int. Ø 15 mm (connects to split)• Vent pipe.• Six screws and plugs for fixing duct and elbow.• 4 double wire clamps Ø 16 mm, 1 double wire clamps Ø 6 mm• 750 mm duct 80 x 60 mm

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